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Why Rackle?

Seamlessly offer potent financial features,
the easy way.

Rackle is the banking-as-a-service
platform that lets you embed powerful
financial features into your product. Build-in
minutes, launch in weeks.

Rackle Neo Bank
For Developers

Designed for

Discover how you can build financial features in minutes with Rackle’s powerful API, Dashboard, SDKs, and white-labelled UIs.


Reimagine your product with forward-thinking solutions

Empower your users by building cards, accounts, payments, and lending products — as easy as plug-and-play.

Digital Banking

Create your own digital banking product with our seamless APIs

  • Fully branded and licensed
  • Offer your own digital bank accounts to your retail or business customers.

No matter whether you are creating a solution for businesses or consumers, our APIs empower you to offer digital bank accounts with an array of engaging features. What’s more, our APIs are white-labeled, enabling you to offer your banking product in your own branding.


Fully programmable, high-interchange debit cards for individuals and businesses.

  • Offer debit cards in your own branding

  • Give your customers maximum freedom with Google Pay & Apple Pay

Our Cards API empowers you to offer debit cards to your customers in your own design. As a licensed banking partner, we enable any business to offer VISA or Mastercard debit cards, be it for retail or business banking customers.


Offer consumer and SME loans to your customers in your own branding. Paperless, fast and mobile.

  • Enable your customers to split their purchases into easy installments
  • The easiest way to offer consumer loans in your own branding
  • Offer digital loans to your customers on your terms

Our API-based solution enables you to integrate consumer loans directly into your product. Our swift application process is fully digital, paperless and mobile, allowing your customers to receive a credit decision as fast as 10 minutes.


Leverage our virtual IBANs to build your own PSD2 compliant payment services.

  • Build your own payment service with Rackle
  • Your users. Your brand.

Our APIs disappear behind your frontend allowing you to customize the customer journey to match your look and feel. Your customers’ payment requests are executed in near real time via transparent API calls.

Use Cases

Complete suite of financial
features, designed for your audience

Offer seamless banking solutions for freelancers
and gig economy workers – cash advance,
automated tax calculations, integrations with Abound, Plaid, and more.

  • Banks

  • Fintechs

  • Corporates

  • Digital Companies

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